The Mahlgut Dozer was designed to spread coffee grounds evenly in the filter holder before compression. Reduced channeling and more reproducible coverings are the result. Spreading the coffee grounds with the finger or tapping with or on the filter holder is no longer necessary. The Mahlgut Dozer originated at the request of many satisfied Mahlgut Tamper customers who wanted a coffee tool of this sort, with a simple and quick adjusting mechanism and an ergonomic operation, similar to the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer.
The handle of the Mahlgut Dozer can be grasped perfectly with the fingers and is not in the way when turning it in the filter holder. The coffee grounds in the filter holder are thus loosened and quickly prepared for tamping.

The base of the Mahlgut Dozer, like the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer, is infinitely adjustable without any additional tool. Simply loosen the handle and turn the Dozer base in or out. To fasten the base, the handle is screwed tight again. So it’s no problem to switch between different types of coffee or degrees of grinding and to adjust the Mahlgut Dozer to the particular situation.
Dozer Black Height
In order to be as flexible as possible, the base of the Mahlgut Dozer can be turned out from 7.4mm to more that 20mm. Whether you prefer the filter to be overfilled or prefer to use fewer coffee grounds.

The Mahgut Dozer is very quickly integrated into the daily coffee routine. Whether you’re a professional or a coffee enthusiast. A few little turns are enough and the coffee grounds are perfectly prepared in the filter holder. Repeatability increases and potential problems from channeling are a thing of the past.
Mahlgut-Tamper-Dozer Gewicht
So that the Mahlgut Dozer perfectly matches the Mahlgut Tamper Buzzer, it, too, is available in 3 different designs. For the lightest version, the handle and the filter holder are made of wood, more precisely, the wood comes from German oak processed in the Sauerland. We offer the wood edition in oiled or stained variations. The Dozer made of aluminum is a bit heavier; in return, it comes in different colors. Those who really want something in their hand should reach for the stainless steel version of the Dozer. At almost 1.100gr., this is the heaviest version of our Dozer. The tamper base itself is always made of stainless steel for all 3 versions.

The professionals are excited, too. For example, the German Master Barista Erna Tosberg from Röstbar Münster competed at the World Barista Championship in Dublin with a Mahlgut Dozer and Buzzer and achieved the maximum point score.


A few weeks ago, the first covered dozers and buzzers was shown on our Instagram site. This coating comes from a company which is also from the Ruhr region and it reduces the adhesion of coffee grounds on the bottom of the dozer or buzzer. For one thing, the advantage of the coating is the non-stick property, comparable with that of Teflon ®, and in addition, the dozer or buzzer base has hydrophobic properties (water-repellent). The coating is food-safe, scratch- and abrasion-resistant, and Temperature stable up to 500 °C. The coating can be ordered as an additional option.