The current state of things or what’s new?

So much has happened again in the last weeks and months, and I’d like to briefly present what the state of things is and what’s new. Also because we are receiving mails almost daily regarding our little project. In principle we are always striving to improve and optimize everything, which is not always so simple due to a lack of time, but we do our best. At this point, a big thank you for the indulgence, which without exception, all the clients, partners, friends, and family members have shown us.

Dozer & Buzzer

I’ll be quite honest. When we introduced our dozer and buzzer, we did not count on such a response. The design, materials, precision, and functionality are unique. We consistently received positive feedback from coffee lovers as well as from professional baristas around the world. In addition to handling and the new tamper-base form, the adjustment mechanism was also praised, which works without tools and makes a slack-free adjustment quick and easy. The demand is still so great that we are extending the pre-order phase, because we are not producing enough at this time.
We still have the goal of simply taking a package from the shelf and sending it when there’s an order. We still aren’t able to do this, but perhaps in the near future or perhaps with one or another partner. Therefore we will stay in the pre-order phase until we are able to do so. The longer delivery time can then also be compensated by the somewhat cheaper price. Apropos partners. We are very happy that we have two totally terrific partners with Duismann Coffee for Europe and Prima Coffee for North America who are not unknown on the coffee scene. More will follow.

A few weeks ago, I showed the first covered dozers and buzzers on our Instagram site. This coating comes from a company which is also from the Ruhr region and it reduces the adhesion of coffee grounds on the bottom of the dozer or buzzer. Unfortunately, the process for this coating is very costly, particularly as we are still talking about a “small series” and originally we wanted to reject the idea of the coating, as good as it is, however because of the great demand, we are offering this optionally for the dozer. As soon as we rework the Shop, which we haven’t yet done because of time constraints, we will offer this for our buzzer as well. For one thing, the advantage of the coating is the non-stick property, comparable with that of Teflon ®, and in addition, the dozer or buzzer base has hydrophobic properties (water-repellent). The coating is food-safe, scratch- and abrasion-resistant, and looks really good.

Coated Dozer & Buzzer

The Mahlgut-1s

Since the Mahlgut-1 handmill came out, we have learned a lot from it and received a lot of feedback from our customers. The Mahlgut-1s was the result, which we would like to introduce here. The first big novelty is that the Mahlgut-1s, at least initially, will only be available in stainless steel (the plates and the shafts). We have said goodbye to the notion that the Mahlgut handmill is a transportable mill. There are much smaller and more transportable solutions. Our Mahlgut-1s is rather a stationary handmill which now weighs almost 5Kg. In addition, there is a new crank which is 2cm longer and a bit narrower than the previous one. The new crank is now screwed tight and no longer inserted. For the knob, both the tried and tested plastic and a wood version are available. Although the crank has only become 2cm longer, the cranking, especially with light roasts, has become quite a lot easier.

The screwed new crank

The next innovation for the Mahlgut-1s is the continuous adjustment mechanism which has been completely reworked. In order to adjust the degree of grinding, a locking screw must now be loosened so that the pointer turns left or right in order to adjust the grinding to be coarser or finer. Once the desired degree of grinding has been achieved, the locking screw is tightened again. At the moment, we are trying out various locking screws to make the adjustment of the grinding degree as easy as possible. Due to the new adjustment mechanism, no crank holder is necessary any more and the pointer as well stops during use. Furthermore, we have adapted the shaft, more precisely, the thread pitch. Simply stated, in contrast to the Mahlgut-1, one needs more turns for adjustment. As a result, the degree of grinding can be set even more precisely. For the grinding degree adjustment, there is now also an FDA-compliant plain bearing and a needle bearing instead of a nylon ring.

Loosen the locking screw
Adjust Grinder Setting
Tighten the locking screw
The pointer as well stops during use

Despite the many changes, the Mahlgut-1s can still be taken apart and reassembled for cleaning without tools. Here we remain true to ourselves.

Parts of the Mahlgut-1s

If you take a look below, you’ll see the next innovation. In addition to the tried and tested drawer, a new container is used which simplifies the transfer of coffee grounds into a filter holder. Here we have to make a few cosmetic changes, but so far our pot is already quite good. Here, too, as in the case of a crank knob or the wooden dozers or buzzers, wood from the Sauerland is used.

The new container.
Portafilter on top.
Turnaround portafilter with container.
Bottom of the container can still be removed
Container can use as funnel and it is easy to clean.

Last but not least, we have experimented with a variety of coatings and have found a very suitable DLC (diamond like carbon) coating which, unfortunately, does not reduce a possible static charge, but which, among other things, makes the grinder wear-free. In any event, we were so enthusiastic about it that we will also offer the coating as an option.

DLC coated Burr set (With coffee).

Because we are also a sponsor for the German Coffee Championships 2016 of the SCAE, we had to make a little 30-second film. Here you can see, if only briefly, the Mahlgut-1s in action. Proper video sequences will follow. At the moment we are trying to get the best prices in addition to the two small cosmetic changes, so we can start with the pre-order phase of the Mahlgut-1s soon. If you would like to test the Mahlgut-1s, please feel free to come and visit us in Essen for a coffee. We look forward to every visit.

Motor Add-On

Auch bei unserem Motor Add-On gibt es ein paar Neuigkeiten. Wir haben so viel konstruiert, so viel getestet und so viel wieder verworfen, aber am Ende doch geschafft, zumindest sehen wir schon die Ziellinie. Dank der Hilfe von der Firma Maedler haben wir auch einen sehr guten Weg gefunden wie wir den Motor mit unserer Mühle verbinden. Die ersten Testmotoren hatten immer einen Riemen, der uns aber immer störte und glücklicherweise haben wir jetzt eine sehr wartungsarme Lösung mit Zahnrädern gefunden. Der erste Prototyp wird gerade gebaut und dann können wir auch richtige Fotos und Videos zeigen.

Mahlgut Motor Add-On.

For our motor add-on, too, there are a few innovations. We have designed so much, tested so much, and then rejected so much, but in the end we managed it so that at last we can see the finish line. Thanks to the help of the Maedler company, we have also found a very good way to connect the motor with our mill. The first test motors always had a belt, which, however, always bothered us and happily now we have a very low-maintenance solution with gears. The first prototype is being built now and then we’ll be able to show proper photos and videos. The motor add-on will be available for the Mahlgut-1 and the new Mahlgut-1s. The crankcase must be simulated for the Mahlgut-1 version, which is why the motor always remains in the same position, so that it is quite easy to adjust the grinding degree. This is not necessary for the Mahlgut-1s. Both versions are operated by battery, so that the choice of position is very flexible and no power outlet is necessary. The battery can easily be removed and charged. In our tests, the battery needed about 2 hours to recharge, whereby one can grind approximately 6kg of coffee (light roast) over a period of more than 4 months. More information will follow.

That’s all for now. We look forward to what’s coming.

Micha & Timo

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  1. Ryan says:

    The new grinder looks fantastic! Thank you very much for the update. I currently use the original 1, but am interested in the 1s. I know you are still working things out, but do you have an estimate on price?

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