New Name, New Page, New Products

How come a new website? How come new products? What, a new name? What’s the point of that? Well, do you want to step closer?

Lots and lots of questions, and I want to briefly, really, very briefly, go into it in order to shine a little light in the darkness. First the most important thing:

Mahlgut is now named Mahlgut Manufaktur and is no longer located in Wuppertal, but rather in Essen. We were just about to close shop (see blog entry: (Time for a Break or Why We Have to Change Something) and we considered whether we could at least keep Support alive. While we pondered that question, and in the process drank one or more cups of coffee, the idea arose to make a few small changes to our tamper, and how we still have so much to plan. We have such great products and have worked so hard for them. You cannot imagine how much work is involved in such a project. To just throw it away and give up? No, that won’t do. So, let’s put our money where our mouth is. First step: the company must be revamped and its location changed. We are slimming down our line of products and concentrating on the essentials. We are adapting our processes and are attempting to act rather than react.

In short, we’re trying it once more. We’re making everything a bit more beautiful and faster and will give it our all.

New website

In addition to the “new founding” of the company, we’ve also built a new website and have a new URL: in order to make it possible to offer our products in two languages. Almost 60% of our items are exported, and we have to offer our information together with our Shop in English, and not do it via some kind of automatic translation plug-in, but truly professionally. Although lacking yet in content, that will all come bit by bit. The entire Shop system is already available in German and in English. Unfortunately, current customers must register again. We apologize for this.

Dozer & Buzzer

We have a new tamper and we have a distribution tool and that’s now official. Here we are responding to the many, many requests which came in almost daily. The Dozer and the Buzzer can now be ordered at a discounted price. We have begun production and will be shipping in the near future.


Yes, that is not a typographical error. There will be an improved version of the Mahlgut-1. I will explain all the details of the improvements in a separate post. So much said for now. Here we are also responding to the feedback of our customers, and in order to manage all of that, the Mahlgut-1 is expected to be, and will initially be, available only in stainless steel. We want to reduce the many versions and materials and just concentrate completely on the product. Thereby we can save costs, which will then favorably affect the purchase price.

Motor add-on

The motor add-on is still coming. How that will look, what it costs, etc., will be published shortly on our Homepage. So much for now. We have a solution in battery technology which makes it possible to grind up to 6 Kg of coffee beans. We have focused this solution on not having to store a big power supply unit at the coffee bar. Further information will follow.

That’s it for now from me. Further information will follow a little at a time.

3 thoughts on “New Name, New Page, New Products

  1. Dan Streight says:

    Glad you didn’t quit Michael! We coffee & espresso makers are much better for your efforts. Keep up the great work.


  2. Jonas says:

    Congrats on your new company and commitment to your products! I am anxiously awaiting your new MAHLGUT-1S grinder. Can you offer us an update on your progress? Many thanks!

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