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Attention coffee grinder lovers: last chance to be among the first.

Sometimes, grinding is a little bit slower than expected because good things take time! We can hardly wait for it either, but our coffee grinders are about to start their journeys to new homes! After the final necessary optimisation phase, the bags are as good as packed, the travel documents are ready and our small treasures are on their marks. Numerous lovers of the MOLA-e have made use of our pre-order offer and snapped up a MOLA-e at a bargain price in good time. We are very grateful for everyone’s patience! In case you are not a pre-ordering customer, there is still time to take advantage of this offer until 17 May 2018! If you are interested in our Dozer and Buzzer, you also have a reason to be excited: these products can be ordered at a bargain price until 17 May 2018 as well!

Some of the lovely customers who have made use of our pre-order offer for the Dozer and Buzzer have been – to say the least – waiting for quite some time for their deliveries.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your incredible patience!

As you can certainly imagine, we are not at all pleased with this long waiting period ourselves. Anyone who has been involved in the metal industry professionally or privately over the last few months will surely agree that raw material procurement is advancing at an extremely slow pace. Our production relies on our suppliers.
Of course, we chose them after careful consideration, but unfortunately, they are unable to change the current market conditions either. Inquiries to alternative suppliers did not lead to any other conclusions. That is why we are – just like some of you – impatiently waiting to fulfil all orders. Obviously, this is also a very exciting time and we are looking forward to every small step, including printing the address labels that will accompany our products on their journey to your home. Buzzer and Dozer will be in stock in sufficient numbers shortly and steady progress is being made towards the completion of the MOLA-e. We are doing our utmost to keep you informed about the latest stage of production. We are hoping you will also understand that we rely on information from our suppliers. Because of that, it is unfortunately not always possible to inform you as fast as we would like to. Regardless, we are going to notify you of all current status updates from now on. That way, you can follow our next steps from up close and together with us.

If you came across the word optimisation phase in the paragraph above, you are certainly wondering “What exactly is new about the MOLA-e?” This is what is new: wiper, portafilter holder and battery caddy! But one thing at a time. Let’s start with the wiper. Many of our customers asked us to add an efficient wiper to the MOLA-e. We have complied with this request and designed a suitable wiper. Of course, it is included in the delivery of the MOLA-e from now on. At the same time, using the wiper is entirely optional. Each user can choose whether to make use of the wiper or not. The wiper is made of a flexible, food-safe plastic. Should it, against all odds, need to be replaced, you can obtain a replacement from us. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print the replacement part yourself at any time. We have published the corresponding design online. More details can be found here.

Let’s talk about the portafilter holder. Our portafilter holder is suitable for most portafilters, such as an e61 brewing group or for the LWW Tumbler. Until now, only the height of the portafilter holder could be adjusted. While re-engineering the portafilter holder, we added a new mechanism. The result: the portafilter can now be put down comfortably and folded underneath the grinder easily. This makes handling significantly more pleasant. It also facilitates access to the grounds of the MOLA-e. The new portafilter holder is currently in production. We will soon be able to visualise its functionality in detail by means of photos and videos on our homepage. Needless to say, your pre-ordered MOLA-e already includes the optimised portafilter holder.
By the way, this idea was born during a meeting in the Hannover coffee-roasting house – once again, a big thank you to all participants! More photos and Videos also on our Instagram / Facebook-page.

Last but not least: the battery caddy. The MOLA-e is powered by the included AC adapter, or alternatively by 26650 batteries. These batteries are known to many from their use in e-cigarettes. They are very powerful, inexpensive and offered including protection circuit. Having said that, the protection circuit is not necessary for our method. Because a circuit of four individual 26650 batteries in a series requires a separate protection circuit. This is what a battery caddy is needed for. It offers enough space for the batteries without limiting functionality. We designed a suitable battery caddy in-house and are offering it free of charge in the form of a file for 3D printing including manual. The battery caddy includes four 26650 batteries in addition to the necessary protection circuit. As soon as the batteries are charged, the battery caddy, including batteries, is reconnected to the MOLA-e and tucked away inside the left tube. When the batteries reach a certain level of discharge, the protection circuit turns itself off automatically and the grinder does not operate any longer. In this case, the batteries are replaced by a set of fully charged batteries or charged with the help of a special and very inexpensive AC adapter in the caddy. By now, very good external chargers for 26650 batteries are available. This allows charging outside of the MOLA-e. If you have no opportunity to print a battery caddy yourself or are hesitant about soldering, you are welcome to get in touch. The 26650 batteries have a lifespan similar to LiPo batteries and are a great alternative to an AC adapter. More details can be found on the homepage of the MOLA-e.

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