The idea behind the Mahlgut coffee grinder MOLA-e is simple: The best high-quality materials, reduced design paired with precise functionality and easily operable. A robust stability with minimal dead space rounds out the concept of the crafted single-dose coffee grinder MOLA-e. Exemplary industrial design from the Ruhr Valley and Made in Germany quality.

MOLA-e Stained Wood
MOLA-e Oiled Wood
MOLA-e Vintage White
MOLA-e Glossy White
MOLA-e Glossy Black

MOLA-e is 32 cm altogether in height. The nearly 28 cm wide ground plate, like the cover, is made from German oak, and is solid as a rock. Even light beans cannot shake the otherwise entirely stainless steel fabricated coffee grinder with its 11 kg.
The adjustment of the grinder setting is very easy: release lever, rotate cylinder and set the grinder coarser or finer. Nothing more is necessary. The new grinder setting will take effect immediately with the next portion. The perfect grind setting is quickly found and easily repeatable every time due to the easy-to-read scale and the thin rotation mechanism.

Going without a hopper is typical for a single-dose coffee grinder like the MOLA-e. An opening for easy pour in of portioned coffee beans is sufficient. This is designed this way so that an additional seal is not necessary. Furthermore, the dual mounted shaft for the grinder behind the opening, along with the sealed ball bearings, are protected by a control. Should a finger get in there, nothing happens and no one is injured. Of course, that is also why no beans and coffee grounds come in contact with the shaft or the ball bearings.

When the grind setting is configured and the correct portion of coffee beans poured in, then the grinding process can be started. Just push the button and wait a moment until all the beans are neatly and quietly ground up. MOLA-e rotates at a gentle 100 rotations per minute, just as fast as a comparable hand grinder. As a result, there is absolutely no overheating with the mill charge. Despite the low rotation speed, the Japanese-made motor can withstand a temporary load of up to 20 N.m therefore, light roasts are also no problem. The transmission of the motor to the shaft occurs over low maintenance and quiet metal gear wheels which convey the power optimally. As soon as the stainless steel button is pushed again, the grinder stops immediately.

The swiveling Portafilterholder can be easily adjusted in height.

The LWW Tumbler and our Mahlgut Decanter fit in the swiveling Portafilterholder.

MOLA-e draws its power either over the supplied power supply unit or over an optional Lithium-Polymer battery which disappears completely in the left pedestal and is not visible. With this, the coffee grounds can be flexibly positioned without there having to be a plug in the area. With a fully charged Lipo battery, a good 5-6 kg of coffee can be ground over a time frame of a couple of months.

The heart of the MOLA-e is a reliable, 68 mm conical burr set made of steel that we receive directly from Italy. After loosening just three screws, the entire grinding mechanism can be removed for cleaning. The firm, PlascoTEC, through an optional DLC coating, will make the grinder, among other things, considerable harder and wear-resistant with a lower coefficient of friction.

Layer comparison

hardness [HV]3.500-4.0002.500
thickness [µm]3315
temperature resistance400°C500°C400°C
source: PlascoTEC

Do you have any further questions on the MOLA-e? Would you like to be convinced yourself before purchasing? Take the Grounds Test! Write us and we will arrange a sample grinding in Essen.

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More Informations – FAQ

Q: What about Light Roast Beans? Is that a problem for MOLA-e?
A: Of course not, take a look at the following Video:

Q:How to clean MOLA-e?
A: The best way is to loosen 1 screw and to clean MOLA-e with a cloth or a brush. Please take a look at the following Photos.

Turn the Portafilterholder to the side.
Loosen the Screw from the inner Burr.
Remove the Burr.
Remove the Part for the Grinder adjustment.
All parts of the MOLA-e can now be cleaned.[
After cleaning, simply reassemble in the reverse order, recommending that you screw in the grinder adjuster until it stops.

Q: In addition to the power supply unit, the MOLA-e can also be operated with a battery. What options are there and how do you connect them?
A: That’s correct. Here is some more detailed information about the power supply.

From left to right: 1. The supplied power supply, 2. A solution with 26650 batteries and 3. A LiPo battery.
The MOLA-e has an XT90 plug connection in the left column. There is also sufficient space to store batteries in the column if necessary.
There is an opening in the base through which the power supply cable can be easily inserted and connected.

If you do not want to use a power supply, for example because there is only limited space available on the coffee counter, you can use an equivalent alternative: a LiPo battery. A LiPo battery with 4s 5000mAh 14.8V and an XT90 plug would be ideal. These batteries are extremely powerful. They fit effortlessly into the left column of the MOLA-e, as long as they are not in a hard case.

Simply connect to the MOLA-e and insert into the column. The mill is now ready for operation.
Special chargers are required for charging. These are offered in different price ranges with different functions, e.g. the Absima Cube4you or the Skyrc d100.

A charged LiPo battery can grind several kilograms of coffee before needing to be recharged. In a regular, private household, charging would therefore only be necessary every few weeks or months. However, LiPo batteries also have disadvantages. Proper handling is required to ensure the battery’s longevity. If the batteries are deeply discharged, for example, this can lead to a defect. By the additional use of a so-called LiPo-guard, this problem can be avoided. It should also be borne in mind that the batteries have no built-in circuit breakers.

LiPo Guard with Buzzer
Alternative to LiPo guard with Buzzer: Diodes with blink signal (more expensive)

If the buzzer sounds (warning: the noise is very loud at about 95 dB) or the diode flashes, the battery should be charged to prevent damage. Use of LiPo batteries is by no means comparable to the use of commercially available batteries and should not be underestimated. If you are unsure, you should use the included power supply or choose the third possible variant: 26650 batteries.

These batteries are used for e-cigarettes, for example. They are also very powerful and inexpensive. They are offered with protective circuitry. However, this is not necessary with our method. This is because the connection of four individual 26650 batteries in series requires the use of a separate protective circuit. A Battery Caddy is required for this. The batteries have sufficient space and are not restricted in their function. We designed the Battery Caddy ourselves and make it available here free of charge as a file for 3D printing along with assembly instructions: MOLA-e 26650 Battery-Caddy

This Battery Caddy contains four 26650 batteries together with the necessary protective circuitry.
When the batteries are charged, the Battery Caddy together with the batteries is reconnected to the MOLA-e and stowed in the left column.

As soon as the batteries have reached a certain discharge state, the protective circuit switches off automatically and the mill stops rotating. In this case, the batteries are exchanged for fully charged batteries or charged in the caddy with the help of a special and very affordable power supply unit. The power supply is also necessary to activate the protective circuit.

Fuyuang fy1701500
Fuyuang FY1701500

There are also very good separate chargers for 26650 batteries to charge them outside of the MOLA-e.


If you do not have the option of printing a Battery Caddy yourself or do not dare to solder it, please do not hesitate to contact us. The 26650 rechargeable batteries last just as long per charge as the LiPo batteries and are a great alternative to the mains adapter.

*** UPDATE **

We have improved the Battery Caddy again and are currently producing it in larger quantities.