Coincidences are unforeseen outcomes that have a meaning.
Diogenes von Sinope

Sometimes there are coincidences that change everything. In 2012, wedding photographer and hobby barista Michael Epke-Wessel needed the assistance of a metal worker in repairing a coffee grinder. Through a recommendation, Michael met the metal worker, Timo Winterberg, who asked interestedly about Michael’s coffee equipment—and this even though Timo didn’t even drink coffee at the time. The two got to talking and Michael told him his problem: there are simply no decent grinders that meet his expectations.

They both decided to come up with a solution for this tricky issue. They put their heads together and shortly thereafter had the first designs. A few months later, the first prototype was ready. The Mahlgut-1 saw the light of day. In 2016, Mahlgut manufacturing would come out of this small project. It would make coffee lovers happy the whole world over.

Portrait-MichaMichael Epke-Wessel
Wedding Photographer
Loves coffee, golf & running and is recently a proud father.
portrait-timoTimo Winterberg
Loves motor sports, likes to cook and is finally a coffee lover.